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Elizabeth Dolan

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Director Core Care Consultancy

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth completed her Registered Nurse training in Dublin in 1982 and since then has nursed in different countries in both the private and public sector. She brings with her a wealth of experience in various aspects of nursing – acute care, aged care, palliative care, theatre, day surgery and cardiac nursing. Elizabeth is also a presenter on wellness and self-care and has presented at several national conferences including the Health Practitioners Health Care conference in Brisbane, as well as for Ausmed education.


She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Health, a Post Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care in Aged Care and a Masters’ Degree in Palliative Care. In 2015 Elizabeth was awarded the NSW Health Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery award for her work with palliative patients.


In her many years of nursing Elizabeth has seen and experienced first-hand the toll that working within stressful environments can have, not only on the physical body but on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of a person. She experienced burnout herself and this experience taught her that she could not care for others if she did not first care for herself. At first this was a foreign concept but the more she learned to love, care and nurture herself the more she found that looking after herself meant that she had much more to give to her patients, colleagues, friends, family, and the community.


Her deep love for her profession and her colleagues then brought her to introduce self-care into her workplace and later to present this at conferences and forums. This is needed because in most workplaces we do not get taught fundamental essentials like how to care for ourselves on shift work, in meetings, when doing long hours, dealing with conflict, grief, managing people etc.


The joy and love that Elizabeth brings to her work is obvious, whether it is nursing or presenting. She loves being with people, having a good laugh, going to the gym, exercising, singing, writing and supporting people to be all that they are.  


Above all else though Elizabeth loves to work in order to bring all she is to all that she does.

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