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Matthew Brown

Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Remedial Massage

Director Core Care Consultancy

About Matthew

Matthew currently works as a clinical and staff development Nurse in the area of anaesthesia. He coordinates the cardiac team and teaches novice graduates to develop and enhance their skills for working within the operating room environment. A primary focus is learning how to deal with the high levels of stress that are often associated in these areas and developing a living way to not only survive but to thrive within these areas.


Dealing with stressful situations and environments is not limited to the operating room but it is in all areas of life. Most if not all jobs have their stress, weather it is meeting budgets, targets or time schedules, which ultimately puts pressure on the individual.


Matthew has been living and developing a way to live life that ensures he is able to flourish personally and professionally. Through his own journey of discovery he has been able to understand the hardships and pitfalls that keep us held in a holding pattern of emotional ideas and concepts that prevent us from evolving into the great people that we all know is fundamentally within.


“To be able to feel the joy in each and every day is a true gift”


Matthew has had a diverse nursing career, working in the UK as well as working in most health specialties. He has not only had the privilege of working with people who are patients that experience the vulnerabilities of illness, disease and trauma and the extent of human reaction or coping mechanisms, but also from the perspective of the healthcare team, working closely with specialists and experts and with all the staff that provide the fundamental backbone of roles that ensure the job gets done as smoothly as possible.


Matthew’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma of Counselling and also hold a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

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